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FREE-STANDING full range absorption MODULES


For projects where it is not possible to embed absorption systems in a new wall, we offer our technology in free-standing modules. The modules contain the same systems that are used in our acoustic inner shell for high-end studio construction.


absorption Area


The absorption system inside the module provides broadband absorption from 30 Hz to 20 kHz with high performance in the bass register. The absorption for low frequencies is project-specific optimized.




Depth: 207 mm    Width: 1126 mm    Height: 2136 mm    Weight: 45,5 kg




The finish consists of high-quality wood and an upholstered front and back. The fabric can be ordered in different colors and can easily be replaced at any given time.

The module can be made mobile by means of wheels.


acoustic study


Since the treatment of low frequencies is location-specific and unique to the room, the delivery of the modules includes an acoustic study.


PERFORMANCE bass register


Below are measurement results of the acoustic performance within the bass register for three modules in an empty room of 45 m³ (L: 6 m H: 2.5 m W: 3 m)




This measurement shows the impact of three modules on the reverberation in an empty room.


SPL (frequency response)


This measurement shows the impact of three modules on the frequency amplitude.

Red = Empty room. Green = Empty room + three modules.


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